Application Of Crusher In Cement Plant

Application Of Crusher In Cement Plant

The machine shall break the portland cement concrete pavement, haul it to a crushing plant, crush the concrete to the gradations specified in the plans or special provisions, and stockpile the crushed concrete at the location shown in the plans. Cement plant will give better production capability and performance record, XSM has supplied many units of crusher plant in the construction site. The cement crusher plant is compact type and economically designed to supply high quality concrete mixtures. Most of the endusers would prefer to have this plant.
Application Of Crusher In Cement Plant
Cement crusher plant:

Vertical shaft impactors in cement plants have proven to be cost effective in the final crushing stage before the grinding mills. In India and China, both fast-developing economies,XSM is supplying innovative solutions to cement plant owners. Production capacities are being increased by more than 20% with the payback of invested funds coming in less than 18 months.

Combining more than 20 years industry experience with latest technology, XSM has designed and produced the first-class crusher for the evaluation of crushing and grinding processes:

Evaluation of process and plant audits;Improvements in process simulation software;Mill efficiencies, automation parameter and material handling shortfalls;Simple upgrade possibilities for limestone and clinker;Solutions to increase capacity over 20%.

VSI cement crusher plant:

The VSI crusher is manufactured by XSM has capacity 30 tons per hour to 250 tons per hour, with a feed size up to 30 mm to 100 mm. In general, the particle size below 6 mm size is not available in the quantity. To supply the coarse size below 6 mm, above 30 tons per hour capacity VSI crusher machine can be used for making grit. The VSI cement crusher plant produces about 50% of metal of 20mm size and 50% grit.

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