High efficiency Feldspar Quarry Crushing Machinery

High efficiency Feldspar Quarry Crushing Machinery

Feldspar is a rock-forming mineral, and it belongs to an abundant mineral on Earth. Typically, feldspars are relatively hard at 6 on Mohs’ hardness scale. In the modern industry, feldspar is an important mineral in the glass and ceramic industry as well as other fields. Recently, a certain number of customers have inquired about high grade feldspar quarrying machinery produced by XSM. Until now, XSM have exported a certain number of high grade feldspar quarrying machines for honored customers both at home and abroad. If necessary, XSM can also design and install a high grade feldspar processing line according to the particular requirements of customers.
High efficiency Feldspar Quarry Crushing Machinery
Overview of Feldspar Processing Flowchart

When it comes to the feldspar processing flowchart, it can be divided into the crushing process and grinding process. Every stage needs the involvement of high grade processing machines, including the high grade feldspar crushing machine and grinding machine. During the feldspar crushing process, types of feldspar crusher deal with large-size feldspar stones to smaller size, which is prepared for the feldspar grinding process. Feldspar grinding may be the required process when size decrease in below 5-20 mm is required. Feldspar grinding can be a powdering or pulverizing process. Finally, the feldspar powder is produced.

High Grade Feldspar Crushing Machine

The process of feldspar crushing is consisted of primary crushing and secondary crushing stage. As for high grade crushing machine, it refers to the crushing machine to crush large feldspar stones. Typically, jaw crusher is used in the primary crushing, and the impact crusher is used in the secondary crushing. Usually, according to the quarry conditions, mobile crushers are also used in the feldspar quarrying. After the two stages of feldspar crushing, large feldspar whose diameter is approximately 1.5 meters has changed into feldspar particle, and the size of feldspar particles can achieve to 25mm or less. As for the selection of feldspar crushing machines, specialists from XSM suggest using the PE series jaw crusher and PFW series impact crusher, which features high efficiency, high capacity, reliable performance and low operation cost.

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