Robo Sand Crushing Machine Price

Robo Sand Crushing Machine Price

Robo sand refers to the “manufactured sand” from the stone quarries. It is a substitute for the river sand that is used in construction. Manufacturers claim it is an better building material than the river sand. Todays, XSM’s robo sand crushing unit has exported to more than 160 countries, and customers think highly of our crushing unit. Here we focus on the details of robo sand industry and robo sand crushing unit.
Robo Sand Crushing Machine Price
Production Flowchart of Robo Sand

The production flowchart of robo sand is involved a certain number of mining machines. Usually, stones of various sizes are fed into the jaw crushers for size reduction. Depended on the desired output size of the crushed stone, raw materials may be fed to one or two jaw crushers in a sequence. Then these crushed stones re passed on to the rotary screen for size gradation. Material is handled through a belt conveyor to the different places of operation i.e from jaw crusher to the rotary screen. During the processing flowchart of robo sand, the crushing unit is the key equipment, which is used to make large stones or rocks into sand.

XSM’s Robo Sand Crushing Unit—VSI Crusher

In the robo sand production line, the robo sand making machinery consists of the robo sand crushing unit and sand washing machine. As for the robo sand crushing unit, the deep rotor VSI crusher plays the role of sand making machine, which integrates many patents and three crushing methods, is a new and high efficiency crusher. The adaptation of deep chamber makes the throughput of materials increase by about 30%. In addition, the direction of side plate can be adjusted upside down after it’s partially damaged, which will be able to bump up material using rate and prolong life span by more than 48%. Besides, the core abrasion-resistant material is high degree wear-resistant and temperature-resistant material. Therefore, the deep rotor VSI crusher can significantly improve the crushing efficiency. Besides, the operation cost will greatly be reduced.

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