Sand Washing Machine Spare Parts Supplier

Sand Washing Machine Spare Parts Supplier

Sand washing machine is mainly used for sand factory, mineral materials classifying and work-site of building and concrete dam to wash. Your material is fully managed from raw feed to quality sand and grit output, with an easily handled final waste. For sand washing machine owners, it is very guaranteed to have the reliable spare parts to choose.
Sand Washing Machine Spare Parts Supplier

Key features, capable of separating even the most heavily clay bound aggregates: low wear and maintenance, easily adjusted to accommodate differing materials and feed rates, each model is specificed from a wide range according to customers requirements.

The sand washing machine units have been designed to obtain sand meeting the requirements of the industry, such as grain size, finesse, modulus, cleanliness, friability, content of non wished elements (organic material, chloride, sulfate, etc). These units are used to treat sand for use in concrete, as well as other industrial sands, bentonite slurry and other minerals.

SAND WASHING MACHINE SPARE PARTS:our sand washing machine occupies the high degree of reasonable structure, large capacity, small power consumption, less loss of sand in the sand washing production process;besides the screen, there is no other wearing parts, long life, long-term without maintenance;the impeller drive bearing part and the isolation of water and materials, largely to avoid the bearing because of flooding, sand and pollutants cause damage to happen;sand washing machine is widely used in the washing of the material in gravel pits, mining, building materials, transportation, chemical industry, water conservancy and concrete mixing stations and other industries.

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