Small Rock Crushing Machine Price

Small Rock Crushing Machine Price

XSM small rock crushing machines provide an economical solution to a massive Australia-wide problem while at the same time being environmentally friendly through making use of a valuable resource already on the job. It is well know to all that Australia is abundant with the mineral resources and choose the perfect and environmental crushing machine is good to the local situation.
Small Rock Crushing Machine Price

Our small rock crushing machine can process the major rock types, such as limestone, granite, dolomite, trap-rock, sandstone, quartz, and quartzite. For different materials, various crusher machine can be used. Small rock crushing machine can be used for the small scale processing crushing plant. And this kind of crushing machine do not take much more working site area and it also can produce high productivity.


Through the excavator or wheeled loader, the rock can be crushed into the crusher’s feed hopper. The feeder moves the rock material to the crusher. From the crusher, the rock material is dropped onto the main conveyor that moves the end product upwards and then drops it into one big pile or into the feed hopper of the next crusher. Metal in the rock material moving along the main conveyor can be separated with a magnet separator, which throws the metal pieces to the side of the conveyor. The finer portion of the rock material can be screened out already before it advances to the crusher. The screened material can be directed to the main conveyor and will thus end up in the same pile as the end product, or a secondary conveyor can direct it to a separate pile.

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