Vertical Cement Grinding Mill Price

Vertical Cement Grinding Mill Price

During the past times, ball mill is widely used in cement industry and it has brought much more profits to the cement production businessmen. In the cement industry, the necessity of continuous improvements in the grinding process and the related cost reduction has promoted the diffusion of vertical cement mills worldwide.
Vertical Cement Grinding Mill Price

Mainly due to lower specific energy consumption (measured in kWh/t of produced material) and higher production (t/h) values, vertical cement mills are slowly, but steadily, outnumbering traditional, horizontal ball mills. The immediate advantages of such mills can be easily summed up in the following key points:

vertical cement mills are able to reach production values which are significantly higher than the ones achievable with traditional ball mills. As the latter ones are able to reach an indicative maximum of 180-200 t/h, vertical mills can provide up to 300 t/h.lower energy consumption, resulting in a lower specific cost.while traditional mills have to be first assembled by the manufacturer and then transported to the industrial site with all the resulting costs as well as logistical problems, vertical mills are usually build “on-site”. This aspects permits to reach mill sizes (and therefore production values) which are not achievable in the case of traditional ball mills.vertical mills offer a greater versatility than traditional ones: for example, intermediate cleaning silos are not necessary, as the transition times between different cement types/compositions are significantly shorter if not inexistent.additionally, vertical mills are less sensitive to the eventual high-humidity content of raw materials (given a sufficient energy source is present).

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